Any challenges?

I’m up for Ansible code challenges, any technical related matters that others can’t figure out.

Is there a place here on the forum for this?


I like the idea, but right now its just folks with issues in the Get help, no challenges yet,


Hi @csuka , welcome to the Ansible Community forum!

As @sean_sullivan mentioned, there are several issues in the Get Help category, so how about making it a challenge to see how many problems you can help with and provide your expertise on?

If your reponses are well received with likes or maybe even marked as the solution, you can get cheers that could put you on the leaderboard! :grin:


Hey csuka :slight_smile: I think you might have participated in the Ansible Challenge already, at least in the first one. :slight_smile: But if anyone else might be interested in challenges like this, welcome!

The challenges vary in difficulty, and we listen to all feedback in designing the following ones. :slight_smile:

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