Receptor error - ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'ansible_runner'

I am new on AWX and remote execution. Please help.

AWX on k3s - 24.6.0

  • Working well to execution playbooks from it.

Try to test remote execution on remote location.
execution node installed with :-
RedHat 8
python 3.9

  • pip-24.1.1
  • setuptools-70.2.0
  • wheel-0.43.0
    ansible 8.7.0
    ansible-runner 2.4.0

new instance info

  • instance type - Execution
  • Listen on port 27199
  • checked 'Peers from control nodes


I ran ‘ansible-runner --version’ under both root and user account without problem. It indicates ansible_runner module already installed and working, right?

Error from receptor.log
Error locating unit: xxxxxxxx
: unknown work unit xxxxxxxx

Please help.

Fixed by installing required components under newly added ‘awx’ account.