Organization API Key

Looking to set up an API Key to publish to Galaxy via GitHub Actions. I’m not seeing where to set an organizational level API Key in the new Galaxy.

There is no functionality for organizational keys in galaxy. If you want to do organizational level stuff I think the only approach would be a github bot or account (just need a github account that multiple folks have access to) and then add that account (galaxy side) to the namespaces needed.

So how do I get administration rights to my organization like I had in the previous version? So that I can invite our bot account in?

Is your account not an admin on the namespace @jvanderaa? If you lost that, that can be fixed. quick way to check that is to go to Collections drop down on the left and then selecting namespaces. Once there if nothing is there, then you need access, if it there, select it and go to access. You should be able to add the user (bot) there.