Access to namespace after galaxy-ng move

Hi all,

after the move to galaxy NG, two things happened. The first one is, that my GitHub handle is finally updated, which is super nice. The other one is, that I lost access to my collection namespace for whiletruedoio.

I would love to get the access back. Is there something you can help me with the same?


My Galaxy/Github handle is: dschier-wtd
I want to get access to the whiletrueodio namespace


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Well, I don’t want to be pushy on this.

Is there any progress to grant access to my previous namespace? Do I have to re-request it in some way? It’s not that I am not willing to help, but I don’t know how to make things like his happen.

@gwmngilfen @felixfontein do you have any idea how to address this in a better way? :frowning:

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Thanks for being polite, I think you’re being the right amount of pushy. I know the Galaxy team are still getting used to doing forum triage, I’ll poke them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your patience!


Sorry, this one got lost in the pile of other threads.

I’ve added dschier-wtd as an owner of whiletruedoio


Thank you so much. This worked out perfectly fine. I am able to access the namespace again.

PS: There is no need to be sorry. It is fully understandable that this release was putting a lot of pressure on you guys and things might get lost.