New Ansible Galaxy

New Ansible Galaxy

September 26, 2023 by John Hardy

For awhile, the Red Hat Ansible team behind the components Ansible automation hub and Ansible cloud automation hub at have been on a special ops mission to enhance the galaxy_ng code base that serves the aforementioned components to also serve, with the intention of replacing with a fresh code base.

Galaxy, a legacy far far away…

The current Galaxy service has been running at for many years and is hugely successful in the community. It drives and nurtures Ansible adoption by sharing prebuilt Ansible content that solves many automation challenges.

One of the statistics we are most proud of are the contributions of 33,965 individual automation answers by the community in either Ansible Content Collections or Ansible Roles. Some of the top ranking automation content includes AWS, VMware, Linux, and Windows. Community users are able to download content for free, self-supported and interact with authors via GitHub for any further help or enhancements.

  • We are excited to announce that the code base is being updated with a host of exciting new features that the Ansible community can look forward to. Brought to you by the Red Hat Ansible team behind Ansible Automation Hub and Ansible Cloud Automation Hub on, this new version will enhance the galaxy_ng code base that also serves the above listed components.

As ages, the frameworks it sits on requires consistent maintenance for security vulnerabilities, including frequent patching. The team is committed to keeping Galaxy secure and high-functioning, so we set out to enable Galaxy with an automation hub, otherwise known as the galaxy_ng codebase. […]

You are welcome to comment on the topic here and keep reading the article in the Ansible blog below:


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The new Galaxy is online! :tada:

Please note that if you link to collections or roles on Galaxy, you need to adjust the URLs! For collections you can find details here: New Ansible Galaxy codebase, URLs to collections on Galaxy change · Issue #59 · ansible-collections/news-for-maintainers · GitHub


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Hello all and thank you for your feedback!

To all who have commented here, we are going to be splitting the comments from this thread to their own thread to make it easier for the @galaxy team to address them. Please allow us some time while we do that.

We will also lock this topic to new comments to avoid mixing issues, and request everyone who needs help with the new Galaxy NG at to open a new topic doing the following:

  1. open a new topic in the Get Help category
  2. title it with a brief description of your issue, for ex. “my namespace is broken” or “ api is failing with an error”.
  3. tag it with galaxy-ng for the Galaxy team to be aware of it
  4. add all the details possible on the issue you are having, please use code blocks if you are pasting an error or playbook to help with readability.

Let us know if you have any issues or doubts!


Thanks @leo! Folks, this link will take you to a new issue with the category and tag pre-filled :wink:


We now have a FAQ available in case you are running into issues with the new Ansible Galaxy, please check the following post: