Ansible Galaxy not functional?

Looks like we’re only getting the top and left headers @ Ansible Galaxy - We’re also unable to pull down content via ansible-galaxy cli.

Does Ansible maintain a health dashboard of any kind for this site?


Down for me as well.

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Got here looking for some status page, but its either not existing or hard to find…

Down for us as well. Checking returns 504 gateway timeout. Blocked on executing the ansible-galaxy api

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Looks like it’s back \o/

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ansible-galaxy api is down again


I asked on Matrix, RH folks are aware and looking into it.



Seeing gateway timeout with ansible-galaxy api, impacting a lot of our pipelines :frowning:

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Folks, are there any updates on this? A lot of people seem to be affected.


Still not working… anyone know of a public mirror?

Looks like it is back up! Thanks for getting it back online so quickly!

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noticed things good for about 10 mins or so myself

at risk of seeming dumb… where on matrix did you see RH acknowledge and share they were on it

Yep its back down and flapping today, also when I hit the website and got redirected to and got prompted some github authorization?

Not exactly looking healthy…

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It’s flaky, calls are failing with 504s frequently, not healthy for sure.

Looks like the main website is also having troubles.

Has anyone seen any communication from Red Hat on this or know of a place to look for communication on this?

The only communication I’ve seen was on Matrix, but there has been no update during the last 12 hours.

We’ve got a new project: rework everything to use our own instance of galaxy-ng rather than Once galaxy comes back, we’ll start creating the automation to pull the latest of whatever we use from galaxy to our local instance. We’ve talked before about the impact of galaxy being inaccessible from our infrastructure, but never really thought we’d be looking at more than an hour. In retrospect, it was foolish to leave such a single point of failure unaddressed.


Hi all, we’re aware about the problems with Ansible Galaxy at the moment and we’re looking into it. We have a possible mitigating fix outlined, but since it’s the weekend, we may not be able to get to a resolution before Monday. We’ll keep everyone informed in this thread as soon as we have updates.

Sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused!