My collections disappeared over the weekend

Troubleshooting failed pipleine this morning, I logged into Galaxy UI to see things looking very different. But I also found out that some of my collections have vanished:

  • infra.leapp - the most recent versions are missing (1.1.3 from 6 days ago, 1.1.2 from a month ago, 1.1.1 from a month ago, and 1.1.0 from 2 months ago)
  • infra.lvm_snapshots - all versions are gone (1.0.2 from a month ago and 1.0.1 from 2 month ago)

Don’t know if this is related to the rollout of galaxy-ng over the weekend, but would appreciate if somebody can take a look and help get these recovered?

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We re-published the missing collection versions, so we’re all good now. Thanks!


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