Deprecation of collections broken?

I just realized, that a collection I deprecated in the old Galaxy, does not seem to be deprecated in the new Galaxy anymore. “Well then” I though “let’s quickly deprecate it again!”. But to no avail. I can manhandle the “Deprecate” button as much as I want, but nothing (visually) changes.

I am logged in and I have permissions on the namespace (AFAIK).
Can anyone tell me, what I am missing?

It’s just a short lag time before the updated status is shown, possibly due to server caching.

I tested this on one of my collections (which had also lost its deprecation) and it takes a little over a minute for deprecation or undeprecation to be visible in the UI.

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I also checked some of my collections which should be deprecated and turned out they weren’t. Either I forgot to do it in the past or they became un-deprecated.

While re-deprecating them I noticed a strange behavior: I had three of them open in tabs, deprecated all three of them using the menu - and after a couple of minutes only one of them was actually deprecated. After trying this again, it seems to be that the latest tab I refreshed got deprecated, and the others do not, for whatever reason (some hidden state, I guess). In any case, now all three of them are properly marked as deprecated.

If someone else experiences problems when trying to deprecate multiple collections in parallel, try it serially. That might solve your problem.

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I am pretty positive, that I deprecated the mentioned collection in the old Galaxy. So I guess the migration did not carry this attribute to the new Galaxy.

Jep, impatient me thought it should be instantaneous, or at least be visible within some seconds. Checking again today verifies that one of my several attempts the other day was successfull and the deprecation banner is now shown.

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