Logged in as different users on Ansible Galaxy

After logging in to the new Ansible Galaxy via GitHub i am somehow logged in a different user after a while. During today i saw at least 5 different usernames.

This is probably due to a misconfigured cache, but anyways really bad to see. Thankfully nothing on the user settings page can be changed as far as i was able to see.
However, i could re-create a token here: Galaxy NG
Which would probably invalidate the previous token of the user i am currently logged in as.

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Hey Alex,
Just wanted to say I’m very sorry you are experiencing this and that we really appreciate the bug report. Investigating and fixing this is the Galaxy team’s top priority right now.


@alex this one should be resolved now. if you still notice it, please let us know.

Hey @jlmitch5! Yes, seems to be fixed. Did not see any other user other than myself today. Thanks! :grin:

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