Introduce yourself!

Oh, hello. I didn’t see you there. I’m Colin McNaughton. I work in the Ansible BU as a technical marketer. I’m from Cleveland, OH but living outside of Raleigh now. I do a lot of work with Event-Driven Ansible and observability.


nice to meet you Colin! :heart:



I’m David and I greet you from Montreal in Canada where I do open source things between dev ops and dad ops nowadays.

I’ve been using Ansible and contributing to the community in different ways since at least 2014, as far back as version 1.8 or so. I think simplicity is a feature and coming from Puppet, it was a breath of fresh air :slight_smile:

I eventually authored ARA Records Ansible to make my own life easier dealing with millions of playbooks across thousands of hosts back in the OpenStack community. The project turned out to be helpful and useful to people around the world and I think that’s pretty cool.

You can find me on Matrix as and on Mastodon.


Hi :wave:

I am Dafne Mendoza, a Bolivian living in Chile, working as technical marketer in Red Hat, covering network and edge automation. I’ve been working with networking in general, as a customer/partner/Cisco employee including network operations, network monitoring and network automation for more than a decade across different industries (bank/oil & gas/telco/government). I am 100% focused on Ansible now, you can find me in X(Twitter) as @dafmendozap in GitHub and LinkedIn as @dafmendo .

Nice to e-meet you all!


Hello and bonjour,

I’m Thib, and the best way to pronounce it is how you think it should be pronounced :grin:

I’m developer advocate for Matrix, host of Matrix Live and editor of This Week in Matrix among other Matrix duties.

I talk about open source, self-hosting and more generally try to make complex projects more approachable on ergaster, my personal website and blog. My less structured thoughts are on my Mastodon profile.

I maintain my personal infrastructure with Ansible (which I want to blog about extensively in the near future) and try to onboard friends and internet strangers to do the same when it makes sense for them.

Happy to be around so many great folks :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone,

I am Abhijeet Kasurde, I am a part of the Ansible Core Team. I take care of Ansible Builder and Ansible Runner as part of my daily work. Apart from that I am one of the maintainers of several collections including servicenow.itsm.

I talk about Open Source and Free software and do evangelism for Ansible and its related software in various forums.

Look forward to being part of this community.



Hi all,

sorry for having waited so long with this, life has been busy :wink:

I’m Felix; I’ve used Ansible for almost 9 years now, first at work and from May 2015 on (says my git log) also personally. I’ve contributed to ansible/ansible and since the Collection Split in 2020 also to various collections, some of which I’m (co-)maintaining. I’m also contributing to and (co-)maintaining several ansible-related tools, in particular the antsibull tools (antsibull-changelog, antsibull-docs, antsibull-build).

I hang out mainly on IRC (felixfontein on Libera.Chat) and Matrix ( for now), and mainly contribute on GitHub.

I’m really happy that we now have this forum as a single place where everything happens, as opposed to multiple different GH repositories (which can also be confusing for regulars). Thanks to all of you for being here and being part of the Ansible community, and for all your contributions :slight_smile:




I’m Sebastian and known as rndmh3ro or zufallsheld around the internet.
I’m using Ansible since version 1.5 (or 1.7?) at work and privately.
I’m the author and one of the maintainers of the Dev-sec hardening collection.
I also created the Icinga Director collection.

I hope this community here will be great!


Hello, my name is OSiRiS, and in the community I am OSiUX.
I work at gcoop Cooperativa de Software Libre.
I use Ansible since 2015, initially for the migration of the Infra from an ISP.
Since 2018 I have been involved in the migration and maintenance of the GNU/Linux Infrastructure at Banco Credicoop Coop Ltdo.

I share some posts and talks about Ansible at OSiUX Ansible

Eager to share knowledge with all Ansible community!


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Hello All ,
I am new here but playing with Ansible for past few months
the more I use it the more I like it !


Hello Everyone!

My name is Kwasi from New York. I’m an AWS Certified Solutions Architect with a focus on cloud security and multi-cloud computing (AWS/Azure/GCP/OCI). I’m here to learn with you and build my Ansible automation and configuration skill set for my career development.


Hi, I use Ansible for configuring and updating servers for Webarchitects Co-operative ( Agile Collective (, all the public roles I’ve worked on are hosted at and some of these are mirrored to GitHub and available via Ansible Galaxy.


Greetings folks. I’m Ben and have been using Ansible since the early 1.x days. I still author/maintain content and use it on a daily basis, primarily to provision and configure infrastructure. I’m on Matrix and lebowski_abides on the Ansible Discord.


Hey Ansible Community,

It’s me, Igor. I’ve been passionate about FOSS for over 20 years and always wanted to get involved. Ansible has recently sparked my interest. After a basic course, some parts felt familiar from my Linux sysadmin days. Still, I’m quite new to Ansible, but we all have to start somewhere, right?

One of my dreams is to share my own Ansible playbooks on GitHub for everyone to see.

I hope to feel at home here among you all. If anyone wants to chat, share tips, or just give a friendly hello, please DM me or find me on Matrix. I’m always up for a chat!



I’m JP, and I’ve been an Ansible user and part-time contributor since 2012 and over the last few years have held quite a number of Ansible trainings.

Over time I’ve contributed a few lookup plugins and modules, and in 2013 I invented and contributed ansible-doc and the mechanics behind it. Also, I’m chuffed it’s still there. :slight_smile:

One thing I’ll probably be remembered for is getting rid of the cows (NOCOWS=1), and I’m not even vegetarian. :cow:


I’m trying to resist the urge to reply to each-and-every introduction, because that would be tiresome for you all. But we are reading them all, I promise! :bookmark_tabs: :eyes:

Thank you all for signing up so quickly - and I’m loving the mix of old friends and new faces we’re already seeing. It gives me a great deal of hope that this will take off and be a useful thing to our community :slight_smile:

Now go follow some tags! :laughing:


Bahman ('BÄ-mən) here :wave:

I’ve been a jack of most trades for 25+ years now: from operating system development to architecting/implementing highly available distributed systems :nerd_face:

I’m in no way an Ansible expert, never been an Ansible user professionally and mostly use it for for my personal tiny projects - I’ve got a soft spot for declarative tools like Ansible and Make :smile:

I love troubleshooting difficult/complex situations and digging into things w/ little prior knowledge :rescue_worker_helmet: That’s why I usually stick around in our Matrix room and try to help w/o knowing much! You have now been warned :joy:

Happy to be here among experts - looking forward to learning from you folks.

PS: I :heart: that there is Solarized Light theme in the user preferences :raised_hands:


Hello Everyone, The other Sean here

I have been working with Ansible for almost 7 years, and am excited for this new forum.

I am one of the lead maintainers of the Infra Config as code collections for managing the AAP, and have written a book on AAP as well, more info in my profile.

I am also a gamer of both digital and tabletop games, and have a large collection. I am also into Scifi fiction. Some of my Favorite Podcasts are “Hello from the Magic Tavern” and “Midnight Burger” both are fun and hilarious, and suggest you check them out.


Hello everyone! I’m not a Sean, but a Jeff, and I’m so glad this forum exists… with the massive reorg of social networking, and the slow death of IRC, it’s nice to get back into publicly-accessible web forums again (that’s how I started doing tech support in the early 00’s!).

I wrote and open sourced Ansible for DevOps (manuscript is here), and use Ansible to automate everything.

I used to use it for a medical system, then a CMS/digital media company, and now for my homelabbing and YouTube projects, and I always share as much of the code as possible with permissive open source licenses, because I love paying things forward.

The Ansible community has been great all these years, and I’m happy to see it still expanding into new spaces, like this forum!


Hi there! I’m Rilindo. I am a system engineer, building and supporting infrastructure for the last 20 years. Write a lot of automation code, including (of course) Ansible!