Introduce yourself!

I’m trying to resist the urge to reply to each-and-every introduction, because that would be tiresome for you all. But we are reading them all, I promise! :bookmark_tabs: :eyes:

Thank you all for signing up so quickly - and I’m loving the mix of old friends and new faces we’re already seeing. It gives me a great deal of hope that this will take off and be a useful thing to our community :slight_smile:

Now go follow some tags! :laughing:


Bahman ('BÄ-mən) here :wave:

I’ve been a jack of most trades for 25+ years now: from operating system development to architecting/implementing highly available distributed systems :nerd_face:

I’m in no way an Ansible expert, never been an Ansible user professionally and mostly use it for for my personal tiny projects - I’ve got a soft spot for declarative tools like Ansible and Make :smile:

I love troubleshooting difficult/complex situations and digging into things w/ little prior knowledge :rescue_worker_helmet: That’s why I usually stick around in our Matrix room and try to help w/o knowing much! You have now been warned :joy:

Happy to be here among experts - looking forward to learning from you folks.

PS: I :heart: that there is Solarized Light theme in the user preferences :raised_hands:


Hello Everyone, The other Sean here

I have been working with Ansible for almost 7 years, and am excited for this new forum.

I am one of the lead maintainers of the Infra Config as code collections for managing the AAP, and have written a book on AAP as well, more info in my profile.

I am also a gamer of both digital and tabletop games, and have a large collection. I am also into Scifi fiction. Some of my Favorite Podcasts are “Hello from the Magic Tavern” and “Midnight Burger” both are fun and hilarious, and suggest you check them out.


Hello everyone! I’m not a Sean, but a Jeff, and I’m so glad this forum exists… with the massive reorg of social networking, and the slow death of IRC, it’s nice to get back into publicly-accessible web forums again (that’s how I started doing tech support in the early 00’s!).

I wrote and open sourced Ansible for DevOps (manuscript is here), and use Ansible to automate everything.

I used to use it for a medical system, then a CMS/digital media company, and now for my homelabbing and YouTube projects, and I always share as much of the code as possible with permissive open source licenses, because I love paying things forward.

The Ansible community has been great all these years, and I’m happy to see it still expanding into new spaces, like this forum!


Hi there! I’m Rilindo. I am a system engineer, building and supporting infrastructure for the last 20 years. Write a lot of automation code, including (of course) Ansible!


Hi my name is Dan and I am from Norway. I really like this new community forum, and enjoy a lot of learning from many of you.
I work as a sysadmin, and use Ansible a lot, and have been for some years now.

Looking forward to get to know many of you. If any Norwegians is here, please stop by the Norge (Norwegian) International Community Topic and say Hi.


Hello everyone! I’m Dhona. I share some blog posts about Ansible on DEV and Medium. Happy to be here and looking forward to learn and share with the Ansible community!


Hi everyone, I’m Asapdotid from Indonesia. I’m trying to learn automation, I am very happy to be able to join the Ansible community, I hope to gain experience and knowledge from this community!



I’m Christoph from Munich, Germany. You will find me on all platforms (Github, Matrix, Mastodon, …) as hille721, mostly with my dog Leila as profile pic.

I’m in the Ansible universe for around 3 years, thus a newbie compared to many others here :slight_smile:


Hey All,

I am Brian McCafferty, An Ansible & Automation Technical Account Manager working for Red Hat in the UK (Scotland be be exact :scotland: ).

I fell in love with Ansible a few years ago working as a sys admin, so much I ended up coming to work for Red Hat.

Outside of work I love running which I only started doing last year and on a Saturday morning you can normally find me at Parkrun.



I wanted to say a BIG thank-you for all your YouTube recordings, they kick-started my Ansible journey.

Regards, Steve


Hi All,
My name is Andrew Heath, I am a system administrator working for Red Hat, I help manage an Ansible Automation Platform environment for thousands of customers and thousands of jobs an hour, I also help out on the Fedora project helping setup an AWX instance and packaging some of the tools used by AWX into RPM’s

I have using Ansible for about 8 years now starting with some basic playbooks and tasks to now using / integrating it with various other tools to help streamline processes not only for me personally but for my team as well.


Hey !

I’m Pierre, systems engineer from France, currently residing in Strasbourg. I’ve been doing systems and networks administration for roughly 15 years, and Ansible played a big part in my journey <3.

I’m glad to be part of this community; see you around !


Greetings all.

My name is Ben. I’m a sysadmin, and been a user of various Open Source software for over 15 years, most of which has been at hobby level. Began using and learning more about Ansible about two years ago, but still feel like a noob. Looking forward to learning from you all, and hopefully be able to help someone by contributing my two cents.

Outside of technology I enjoy backpacking, playing the guitar, and listening to various genres of metal music :metal:


Hello Everyone, Am Dule Martins.

I am glad to be here and also am part of the guys at the Ansible community writers on discord helping to improve and maintain Ansible’s docs.


Hello Everyone. I’m Akira Yokochi.
I am particularly interested in network automation.

I usually write blogs about Ansible in Japanese.


@akira6592 I LOVE YOUR BLOG, I have it subscribed on my RSS feed. I still refer people back to your entries on workflows as it does a great job of laying out how to link and use nodes.


@sean_sullivan Thank you! My pleasure.


Greetings, everyone. I’m Ilya; you can call me Ely or Eli.

As a DevOps engineer at CyberArk, I have been using Ansible for six years. Over the past three years, my team and I have relied on AWX as the backbone of our client infrastructure deployment. Within our AWX-powered environments, we’ve honed our ability to handle a high volume of active jobs effortlessly.

Notably, I recently received the prestigious Angry Spud Award within the AWX community, a recognition that fills me with pride.

My journey with AWX has been exhilarating, and I’m thrilled to contribute to this vibrant community. I’m committed to pinpointing relevant issues and collaborating to enhance AWX’s effectiveness and resilience. Together, let’s make AWX an even more powerful tool for all of us.


ansible-core dev here