Internal Champions - Welcome!

I’ve written this specifically to welcome our Internal Champions (and I love that a forum invite can land on a specific topic :+1:) - so welcome indeed! :tada:

(Note for non-Red Hat folks, the Internal Champions are a group of community-focussed people within Red Hat, we meet regularly to discuss community matters, so they’re a good bunch!)

Right now, the forum is private while we do final testing, so you won’t be able to invite new people yet. We’re aware that a forum is of limited use without it being available to the whole community, so this phase won’t last long. Please also remember that we shouldn’t discuss internal matters here, even in private messages - we have other places for that.

We’ve talked before about how to structure the forum, and I hope what you’ll find is what you expect. In particular, the Project Discussions category has a few seed discussions to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the forum, and some of the project tags have been created (such as awx, devtools, etc). For now you have the permissions to create new tags, so if you’re making a topic and the tag you want isn’t here go ahead and create it. (This will change to be more restricted at launch, so make use of it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Speaking of tags, you’ll probably want to set up your notifications to include your areas of interest - see this topic for more detail). You might also want to look at forum-tips for other useful info.

The Sandbox category (right here) has pretty much all the plugins enabled - events, topic voting, solved issues, etc - so please try things out, and we’ll clean it up before we go live. You’ll also get the standard Discourse walkthrough from @discobot too, it’s worth trying out. I’ve set you all to Trust Level 2 (see this post for an explanation of trust levels).

Some groups already exist (such as @AWX), and the intention is to encourage users to mention a group rather than individuals, so that we don’t burnout specific people. If you’d like a group made for your project, let me know. I can also arrange for topics to be pushed to a Matrix room, so if you want notifications of certain types of topic/post in your room, let me know.

Any questions, please post in Forum Guide & Feedback or Sandbox (I should notice, but you can tag me for extra effect), or PM me directly if you wish. I’ll be quite responsive for the next few weeks, I think :wink:

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