AWX Community Ansible Fest/Red Hat Summit panel ideas

Dear awx community,

Over the pass years I had the privilege to work with y’all on some amazing feature and problems.

I’m trying to put together a submission for CFP for Ansible Fest for us to talk about our experiences contributing to the AWX project.

Anyone interested in being the member on the panel?

I want to talk about everyone’s experience with AWX project like what draw you to the project and why you decided to contribute and your experiences with the contribution.


cc @kurokobo @Ely @tanganellilore (to name a few that I can find on the forum…)

(note to self bug people about joining the forum)

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@TheRealHaoLiu you mean partecipate to event on site or contributing with some contents?

I’m hoping that if the CFP is accepted we can all be on-site! I think presenter at Fest gets free ticket to the event

Ok, more info or links for that events?
Probably for me is not a problem partecipate to it as an en-user (I need to understand if i can partecipate also as per name of my company). I any case I think that on site will be difficult :smile:

Anyway Thanks for invite me!!!


Hi, thank you for picking me up for this exciting offer!

Unfortunately, childcare is not going to allow me enough time to prepare for and attend the summit, so I was not able to attend last year and it will be difficult for me to attend again this year too.

I’m still on paternity leave (it will be about 20 months in total), but should be back at work next Spring or Summer, and hope to be able to attend Summit 2025.


If I’m approved to travel to Fest, I would be honored to be on the panel, I know I’m not in Engineering and have been an outsider peering in.

But have had hard time getting this setup for my customer to approve the submission I am on, and am not sure I’d be approved to go.


First of all, thank you for thinking of me – we had quite the conversations about the problems running AWX in AKS awhile back! Now however, I’ve moved on from managing AWX in my organization (and we moved AWX from AKS to Openshift.)

I don’t have any exciting new ideas for AWX, but I’m still quite interested in the project, especially as it relates to scaling and being able to set up an automation mesh across large networks. I’m also interested in the operator-sdk for Ansible operators, as I’ve found there to be some rough edges (I ended up writing my own operator with kopf instead.)

Not sure what else I would have to add to the conversation, but I’m still interested!