Installation Procedure of latest AWX version 23.0.0

hi Guys

I am new to AWX and Ansible, so I really need some suggestions from the high level guide

My ex-colleagues has an old AWX (version ) installed and everything is working as expected. All playbook are running smoothly

Now I have the request to upgrade AWX to the latest version (don’t ask why, this is just a command from the boss), I have already done investigation and it seemed that there is no way that I can upgrade my current AWX version to the latest one, which i believe is 23.0.0

So I have already installed the AWX successfully by following the guide here

And I can import my Ansible project, configured my credential and inventories, etc successfully and I can SSH from AWX task pod (container) to the remote host as well, but all my playbooks are not executed successfully.

After a bit troubleshooting, it seemed that even Ansible is not installed into the AWX task pod (container), which is quite a surprise to me

So I am asking if anyone can help

  1. Is it correct that Ansible is not pre-installed with AWX ? If yes, why is it like that ? To my limited knowledge, AWX is a GUI version of Ansible, so AWX without Ansible seems useless to me

  2. Is my task even technically possible, to use AWX version 23.0.0 to replace my AWX version

  3. If yes, can anyone recommend me a document or guide that can walk me through the whole installation and configuration procedure of AWX version 23.0.0? What I find in the internet is scattered pieces of information and official documentation is with too many details which distract me from my main target

Thanks a lot

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I think Ansible is installed in a different container (awx-operator-controller-manager) instead of awx-task

And it seems in old version like AWX, Ansible is installed on awk-task

So I think my question is not needed anymore

But still I can’t get my playbook work

I will create another help thread for my detailed logs

Thanks all,

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Hello @mapleos1123

Just in case you still need it check-out this video guide (it’s a bit old, but I believe it still gets the job done):


thanks a lot @jbericat

I will have a look first

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Hi @mapleos1123 happy to see that you are very active on the forum

awx-operator is the prefered way to deploy awx on kubernetes cluster Installation - Ansible AWX Operator Documentation

btw if anyone’s comment helped you out please make sure to mark the question as resolved with their comment.


How can I install it without using minikube?

Using k3s, for instance. This works very well for me GitHub - kurokobo/awx-on-k3s: An example implementation of AWX on single node K3s using AWX Operator, with easy-to-use simplified configuration with ownership of data and passwords.


In case you’re still wondering about the lack of ansible in the container, AWX pivoted to using execution environments to execute ansible playbooks. You can read more about execution environments here 13. Execution Environments — Ansible AWX community documentation

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