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Hello everyone.

Unfortunately I do not know where the issues from are hidden. But as the announcement in the discussion said that all discussion is now in this forum, I will report it here. See Discussions are moving to the Ansible Forum · ansible/galaxy_ng · Discussion #1887 · GitHub

If you know the correct place for such issues, please give me a hint. Thanks.

Invalid OpenAPI Spec

The link in the OpenAPI Spec README is invalid. See GitHub - ansible/galaxy_ng: Galaxy NextGen
The links point to but the openapi.yaml file cannot be found.


This is indeed the right place to start discussions, the Galaxy Team have settled on the forum as the place to do support for the service.

I’ve tagged this galaxy-ng and I believe the Galaxy Team will be doing a triage of the various issues reported over the weekend later today. Thanks!


thanks a lot @gwmngilfen :kissing_heart:

Hello, OpenAPI can be found on Automation Hub API (raw json/yaml:,


Based on this, I opened a PR at
Hope that is correct and will help :innocent:

Background is, I really hate broken links in README and wish, it will be fixed there too.


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