FAQ: Having issues with the new Galaxy NG? Check this before you post!

The new Ansible Galaxy service went live on September 30th after a beta period starting in September 2022, and in response to the feedback and issue reports we’ve received, we believe an FAQ is in order. This list will cover some of the known issues, provide links for fixes, indicate places to track for updates, explain how to ask for help, and more.

Ask for help

  1. Open a new topic pre-configured with the Get Help category and the galaxy-ng tag by clicking in this link
  2. Fill the title with a brief description of your issue, for ex.
    • my galaxy.ansible.com namespace is broken
    • galaxy.ansible.com api is failing with an error
  3. Fill the body with as much details as possible on the issue you are having, including the commands you run and the errors. Please use code blocks if you are pasting an error or playbook to help with readability.

Issue tracking

The Galaxy team are watching the galaxy-ng tag in the forum, you can also use that to look for other related posts and issues. The Galaxy team has their issue tracker in Jira and you can look for existing reports there as well.

Fixed issues

Still open

Known changes


There’s also known future enhancements, but we’re not listing those here - this FAQ is just to have a place to keep people informed on the current issues after the public launch of Galaxy NG. You can file a request for enhancements in the Project Discussions category with the galaxy-ng tag if you would like to discuss one.

Want to use the old galaxy for the time being?

Firstly, if you need to switch back to the old service for now, you can head to https://old-galaxy.ansible.com/ - > we don’t plan on sunsetting this in the short term. We don’t have a date set right now to turn it off, but we are committed to keeping it around until new galaxy is stable and we’ve implemented key features (like search enhancements and ratings).

You can add it to your ansible.cfg as per this post

NOTE: Any new content or versions uploaded or imported to old galaxy will not be automatically synced to the new galaxy. We understand that some users are unable to publish new content to new galaxy right now, and we are working diligently to resolve that.