How to add event to calendar

I created this, and Think I may have done it wrong, but how do you get that on the calendar for events?

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One option is to use something as described in this post for the topic itself, for recurring.

I am thinking to get on the calendar itself is a moderator decision, just was not sure on the process, and/or guidelines, and if we have them, maybe be a pin at the top of the events forum?

Here are the steps to create an event that shows up on the calendar, in this video (starting at around 2:30).

For more forum tips in video format, take a look at Discourse Video Demos.

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Moving this to Forum Guide & Feedback since it relates to forum usage - not a criticism of your choices, just trying to keep things tidy :slight_smile:

So you have two options - the first is to use the [event][/event] code, which (when posting to Events) is available as an option in the Advanced part of the composer. Thanks to a mistake on my part, you couldn’t post to Events when you made the AAP topic, so I’m guessing it wasn’t visible - it should be now. That will add something to the site-wide calendar you see at the top of Events .

The second is to use [calendar][/calendar] in the first post and then [date] in the same or a subsequent post to create an in-topic calendar similar to Documentation Working Group Agenda - this means you can create the agenda where you want it (doesn’t have to be in Events) and (for frequent meetings like the Docs) means that the calendar stays un-cluttered.

For a monthly meeting I can see either being feasible, so let me know which you prefer. I’ll review the videos too - I think I did (1) but not (2)…

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Trying out the first option now, it has the first event on the calendar, but no recurring, will check on that next month as it might show only the next one by default?, if so that would solve the clutter issue.

Possibly yes. Afaik none of us have tried recurring events with the main calendar yet, we’ve been quite focused on conferences and meetups. Let us know!

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