Creating a community docs meeting

(Moderators note: this was split from Documentation Working Group Agenda in order to keep that topic a bit cleaner. It’s preserved here in case it’s useful)

Two questions -
1 - is this the right place to post meeting agendas?
2 - Should we create a new topic for every meeting, or make this a wiki and update it before each meeting?

The benefit of a wiki is that anyone can add to the agenda.

The goal is to stop posting to DaWGs (Documentation Working Group) Meeting Agenda 2023 · Issue #678 · ansible/community · GitHub when the forum soft-launches soon. @oranod @acozine @gotmax23 @felixfontein @gwmngilfen - what do y’all think?

In general I think “yes”, this is the right place. The alternative would be in Workflows & Logs I guess, but that feels a bit hidden.

We have some options in terms of workflow:

  • We can have a topic-level calendar showing when the next meeting it. I’ve added one to test :stuck_out_tongue:. I believe it can handle recurrance but I haven’t tried it yet.
  • We can use wiki posts for agendas, I think that makes sense
    • Either keeping the top post up to date for the next meeting, or posting a new agenda, either works I think.
  • We could delete replies on the topic after a meeting, but that feels quite harsh
  • We could split replies to a new topic (useful if a significant discussion develops on a topic)

another option is to just add it to the Events calendar. I tried and failed so not sure if I don’t have event creator rights?

@gwmngilfen - I now see a big-ol calendar at the top of the project discussions category. Is this because of adding the calendar to this topic? I don’t actually see any events in the calendar tho so… maybe it’s unrelated?

You have rights, but things have to be posted in Events to get on the Events calendar. I think regular meetings belong here rather than on the conference/meetup calendar, but perhaps @cybette has opinions there? My gut feeling is that we could have quite a lot of these which would clutter the Events calendar - using perhaps a meeting tag would be enough discoverability for those wanting to dig deeper?

Right, that’s the config option that is enabled for Events, and I switched it on here while trying to set this topic up. I’ve removed it (as I said above, I’m not sure we want that here), and the in-topic calendar here is still present :tada:

The in-topic event usage here goes like this:

  1. Use [calendar][/calendar] in the first post to enable the calendar
  2. Use [date-range] in later posts to add an event to the calendar in post 1

You can use use the date-builder to help:

which also has an Advanced Mode for things like recurrance: