How can I change language in new galaxy ng site?

I just logued in using github to the new galaxy ng site. The site is partially translated to my mother language (French). Meanwhile, my system is in English, the primary language for my browser is English and I always browse technical site with that language (because it is almost always the primary language and because translations are usually unfinished as in this case). I don’t really get why this translation happens. I looked into my profile but didn’t see any setting I can change there.

How can I switch/force the Ansible NG UI to plain English? Thanks.



Sadly I don’t have a definitive answer. I looked to API calls from login and haven’t seen any language related data into payloads.

It could be an attribute present in user info / token, though I didn’t checked. If so, it might detect your Github account language, as it seems to be the only auth provider as of now. Just a supposition.

Also, have you tried login in private mode ? And / or from another browser ?

FWIW, I’m also French, setting all my tools in English as well and Galaxy portal seems to be fully in English on my side.


Thanks for the insight. Actually this seems to be linked to my browser (Firefox) and probably a setting. I’m going to investigate that. I noticed that the translation appear when browsing the site anonymously in private mode (and my github account is in English anyway).

Just made the same test on Chrome and now I get everything in English. I’ll report back when I find what is causing the issue.

OK found… settings > Language > prefered language. For some reason I had set French on top of English, probably when visiting a French site proposing a bad translation in English and which did not propose to switch language as a feature as in the current case…

Where is the good place to ask for the feature in your opinion? Relying on browser preference is ok for first connection but loged in users should be able to set this as a preference.

After discussion (see below) I raised a ticket on Ansible Automation Hub jira: Loading...


Ah ! Last Firefox release introduced an automated translation service:

Automated translation of web content is now available to Firefox users! Unlike cloud-based alternatives, translation is done locally in Firefox, so that the text being translated does not leave your machine. Many thanks to the various partners of the EU R&D Bergamot project.


I’m also a Firefox user, but haven’t updated yet. Might worth a look !

It’s not related to translation service but to language preference order for content. See my edit above. Thank you for the correct direction.

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Heh, I just wanted to ask whether it might be related to that new Firefox translation feature :slight_smile:


Where is the good place to ask for the feature in your opinion?

Perhaps raise an issue or a PR on Galaxy project repo ?

Edit: Or on Galaxy forum ?

Edit2: Wrong project; @felixfontein gave all the relevant information here

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I think here is a good place, or maybe in GitHub - ansible/ansible-hub-ui: Ansible Automation Hub UI which is the repository for the client part of Ansible Galaxy.


That’s a totally unrelated project :slight_smile: GitHub - ansible/galaxy_ng: Galaxy NextGen is the backend part of galaxy_ng, and GitHub - ansible/ansible-hub-ui: Ansible Automation Hub UI the client part. (And for completeness, GitHub - ansible/galaxy: Source code behind the Galaxy hub at is the old codebase which is no longer active.)


Indeed ! Thanks; I’ll update my post !

This is indeed the correct project, thanks ! But I started to cry my soul out when I discovered the issue system has been transferred to an external jira which needs a redhat account to interact (although the worse point is the first one) :frowning: I’m gonna take it upon myself… :wink:

The new site autodetects language based on the browser settings.

If you prefer English, you can set you browser’s preferred language to English.
(Chrome: chrome://settings/languages , set English as the first language in “Preferred languages”)

Or, you can force the language by usng ?lang=en - this will save the preference in localStorage.


Work in progress language switcher Language switcher by himdel · Pull Request #4366 · ansible/ansible-hub-ui · GitHub


Thanks @himdel for taking this point and for the current workarround using the GET parameter.

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