Better title for than Galaxy NG?

not sure where to contact the Galaxy admins so I try it here: shows “Galaxy NG” as website title nowadays, which isn’t really a good one as it’s the name of the software in my eyes, “Ansible Galaxy” would already be better (some information on the page chosen would be a plus).
KR, Eric


I fully agree! “Ansible Galaxy” also used to be the title of the old Galaxy (


Hi @ericzolf, welcome to the Ansible Community Forum!

And thanks for bringing this suggestion to the @galaxy team, we truly appreciate you took the time to post this issue as your first message!

Good catch! Should be fixed in title - set "Ansible Galaxy" for community by himdel · Pull Request #4578 · ansible/ansible-hub-ui · GitHub, coming soon :slight_smile:


Thank you for the catch @ericzolf can you mark @himdel’s as a solution here? Or maybe I’m misunderstanding the discourse setup that doesn’t work for these project discussions here (cc @Leo @gwmngilfen )

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No, there are no solutions in Project Discussions, as discussions rarely have a solution :wink:

Throw some likes onto @ericzolf’s post though!

Thanks for the quick fix! Reporting it was nothing.

One more question: I wanted to report as an enhancement request that the title should be dynamic and reflect one’s location within the site. No big deal but it would make selection between multiple tabs easier.

e.g. “{{ main_site_name }} - Homepage”, “{{ main_site_name }} - Roles”, and “{{ main_site_name }} - my_namespace.my_collection”, etc.

I wanted to report it against the project GitHub - ansible/galaxy_ng: Galaxy NextGen but there are no issues available. I’ve seen but there is no type for enhancement requests, so I’m a bit confused where to report.


Opened Update document.title with header title by himdel · Pull Request #4648 · ansible/ansible-hub-ui · GitHub :slight_smile:

(not sure I have an up-to-date answer to the general question, apart from “this should work” :))

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Not exactly the answer I expected, but still a good one, thanks! :slight_smile:

My more generic question remains though, if someone has a hint.

You are correct that JIRA is the place for issues. You can also create a new topic here in the forum and title it with “RFE for Galaxy-ng: Proposal” and tag it with the galaxy-ng and rfe tags for awareness.

@galaxy team, as mentioned by @ericzolf , there is no “Feature request” issue type in JIRA. Is that intentional?