Getting Started with Ansible - Resources

This is a small list of resources to get started using Ansible. Below you will find some links to documentation, free interactive labs (web based) and YouTube media content.

  1. Getting Started with a user journey. The @Docs (Documentation Working Group) recently updated the Getting Started section with a user journey. We recommend you check it first. It also works as an index of sorts, in case you want to explore what’s ahead or review something specific.

  2. Getting started with Ansible. From the above, the “Getting started with Ansible" docs landing page is a good first read if you are looking into what’s Ansible, how to use it (ad-hoc) and create your first playbook.

  3. Interactive self-paced hands-on laboratories. We have a curated set of “Getting Started” interactive labs to get some browser-based hands-on learning experience. Here you will find labs on how to write your first playbook, intros to controller/awx, navigator, builder, network and EDA, created by @Lopez, @IPvSean, @ansibehl, @cloin, @nunomart11 and @Leo

  4. Community content: The “Ansible Pilot” YouTube channel by @lucab_it has great video content, around new features, howtos and other content. Luca also has a blog and books published at

  5. Community content: The “Ansible for Devops” book by @geerlingguy as mentioned above is great as well and it’s licensed CC-BY-SA. Jeff also has an “Ansible 101 video playlist ” in his YouTube Channel.

  6. Official Youtube: The official Ansible YouTube channel also has a lot of howto videos around Event-Driven Ansible, Ansible for Infrastructure Automation (RHEL, other Linux and Windows) and Ansible for Hybrid Cloud (OpenShift, Kubernetes).

  7. Forum guides and how-to: The howto tag in this very Ansible Community Forum will come handy if you want to check the list of how-tos available. Content type can vary, maybe it’s a blog post, a video or a forum topic.

NOTE: If you would like to see content added to the list above, leave a comment below. Comments on this thread might auto-delete after a period of time to keep the thread clean. If you are looking to troubleshoot an issue please post to the Get Help category.