Galaxy-Operator - Deprecating pulp_settings in favor of extra_settings - LDAP support

I’m working on a PR for the new galaxy-operator. fixes #85 Preserve data types in galaxy-server.secret.yaml.j2 by Denney-tech · Pull Request #98 · ansible/galaxy-operator (

As is, it will allow pulp_settings to work, more or less, as expected, though actual strings may need to use nested/escaped quotes. This behavior is the same as extra_settings over on the awx-operator.

That being said, I would like the new galaxy-operator to try and behave more like the awx-operator for feature parity/consistency between them. To that end, I would like to start another PR that deprecates pulp_settings: in favor of extra_settings: that uses a list of instead of a dict. awx-operator/docs/user-guide/advanced-configuration/ · ansible/awx-operator (

This change would be a step towards supporting LDAP (in a subsequent PR). Looking at awx-operator, the ldap secrets such as the ca bundle and bind password are stored in /etc/tower/conf.d/, but I’m not sure if galaxy/pulp has a similar conf.d include directory. So I may embed those directly in (which is what pulp-operator does).

@TheRealHaoLiu @rooftopcellist @aknochow Thoughts? Any objections to deprecating pulp_settings in particular?

@TheRealHaoLiu @rooftopcellist @aknochow

Please review the PR’s. I’m not 100% sure that I got everything.