Galaxy NG issues, status update?

Where can we get current status and updates for the galaxy-ng issues?
People are asking me, and “Well I get the feeling from monitoring the forum that…” is not a great answer.
Thanks. And thanks to the crew working their way through it!


Tossing this here as a reply to my own post b/c I don’t see a better place for it. (Perhaps there’s no place for it here, and I should take the hint and go get some actual work done. :slight_smile: )

Anyway, wrt

I really think this forum is a great improvement over the google group and some other “channels” (in the generic, not-limited-to-IRC sense). Thanks for making this happen.

However, it’s a poor substitute for the missing (which redirects to …/pulls - the Galaxy NG project’s Pull Requests section). For all its wonderfulness, it’s not an issue tracker.


Hey @utoddl sorry for the delay in the response here.

Agreed that this forum has been really helpful for the team to triage issues. I’m really glad we have had this for the switchover! Thank you to the moderators for a lot of help with the mechanical managing tasks too :tada:

I totally understand wanting to be able to see the status of things. The team is using internally for tracking. We are working to open all relevant tickets publicly and link to them in relevant threads. Once we get through the post-switchover firehose to fix the high priority items (like some of these namespace switches) we’ll have some time to plan how we want that process to go smoothly.


Thanks, @jlmitch5 . I wasn’t aware of that issue tracker or that I’d have access to it through my redhat account. Even found my primary issue and added a watch on it, and marked your response as the solution.

I appreciate your taking the time to respond. Now get back to work! [tongue firmly in cheek]

Just to add, @tannerjc shared this list on Jira in the Social matrix room a short while ago, which might be useful for those following along.


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