Documentation tag and Get Help

Would it be possible to prevent the documentation tag from being used in the Get Help section? People are tagging random help posts with documentation when it should really only be used in Project Discussions.

Hi @gotmax23. yes, technically it’s possible to limit it to the Project Discussions, but in my opinion, the documentation tag is in a grey area in certain situations, particularly around (help) issues where the documentation is lacking. wrong or hard to find, and having that tagged is useful, not only for the day to day who are following the tag and willing to help on that front but for follow-up analysis.

For example, the following posts seem to be making good use of the tag:

I think it’s to tag things with documentation in Help too, especially where we’ve found a user’s problem and then decided the issue is really with the docs. @acozine asked me some time ago to consider how we will use the forum to improve our docs, and I think this is part of that process (i.e. a search on status:solved and documentation)

One thing we don’t have yet (because the forum is new) is a set of organically home-grown Trust Level 3 users. TL3 people have edit tags on other people’s posts, so once that is more common I expect to encourage those people to help us with the gardening :slight_smile:

What I’ve been doing is just filtering on projects with the docs tag when I want to see stuff that isn’t in the help section. But I also agree that having help tagged with docs is valid, so long as it is pointing out a docs problem. We should be reviewing those tags to be sure they aren’t getting mislabeled for example.

For the record, I have been tagging posts that mention docs issues (like the ones I quoted above) with the documentation tag, so I might be one (although probably not the only :smiley: ) to blame if that wasn’t intended.

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I don’t know if something changed recently, but I’m no longer able to add the documentation tag to our meeting logs… anyone know what changed since last week?

Mmm, I was having that issue here in Project Discussions an hour ago, and had to go add the tag groups to the category. So, it’s probably my fault, let me go check

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They are also not showing in the same place anymore. This is where they used to be - Workflows & Logs - Ansible

And today’s is showing up at MeetingBot Logs - Ansible

Okay, so it seems we have a legitimate reason to tag things with documentation in Get Help. Thanks for the feedback. I guess we’d need something like Allow subscribing to an intersection of category + project implemented instead of just limiting the documentation tag.

OK, undid that silly change, mea culpa. Should work now.

That was changed some time ago, I see the last month’s worth of Docs logs in MeetingBot Logs

yeah, I can see them all there now and can add the documentation tag to the meeting logs again, thanks!