Allow subscribing to an intersection of category + project

It’d be nice if Discourse allowed subscribing to an intersection of a forum category and tag. I want to subscribe to documentation in Project Discussions, but I don’t want to get emails when people add a bunch of random tags to things in Get Help[1]. Topics tagged documentation exists, but there’s no subscribe button.

  1. I’m always happy to help users; I just don’t want too many emails :wink: ↩︎


+1. On the same topic, there is no notification for tags intersection either.

You can search for the combination by using the intersection search[1]:

For example for awx + collection :

But there is no subscribe button. So keeping an eye for a combination of them also requires to check a browser bookmark right now.

[1] I originally posted about intersections here.

I’ve marked this for investigation tomorrow. There’s a couple of options but I want to test them first :slight_smile:

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So, today, the only thing you can really do is to Watch the tag and then Mute the category. That won’t suit everyone, but it works for @gotmax23’s usecase, I think? There’s a setting in your prefs for which thing should win when Mute clashes with Watching:

Of course, you don’t always want to mute something, so there’s a wider usecase here. We do have some options:

  • Most obvious, there is a feature request to follow intersections, go add a comment :stuck_out_tongue:
  • We have the /filter endpoint which can do some different things to the search (such as avoid subcategories, yay)
    • However you also can’t subscribe to that either
    • It’s also marked experimental, so …
  • We could enable the saved searches plugin, which runs once a day and sends you a PM with new topics matched.
  • We could restrict the relevant tags from being used in Get Help
    • That’s fine for, say, #event or similar which have no use in Help, but I wouldn’t want to have to duplicate tags (e.g. #awx vs #awx-dev).

I’m going to go ask CDCK as well, but only saved-searches gives us net-new functionality. I can enable it if you want to try it, or you can play with the other approaches first?

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I can try the mute option you suggested. I don’t see the harm in enabling the saved searches option, so why not :slight_smile:? It definitely would be nice to have the ability to watch an intersection of categories and tags in the future. Thanks for the deatiled response!

Alright I enabled it for TL2+, so give it a try. I’ve also raised this with CDCK as promised, and this actually maps fairly closely onto an existing request from Fedora, so I’ll ping back here once I can share more :wink: