Can't seem to start a new topic via button (works by URL)

I don’t see a button for it.

Other discourse’s I’m a part of I see the button (I can only upload 1 image).

But obviously I’m missing something because when I’m typing this reply the URL Ansible works for me.

So I guess it’s an issue of discovery more than authorization.

It should be at the bottom right, do you see this:

That’s a spam restriction on new accounts, you’ll be able to upload more after a while :slight_smile:

I’ll move this to a new topic for us to continue on…

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:man_facepalming: I did not notice that button I see it now and it works for me.

The other discourse I’m a part of has the button at the top right and it says New Topic so that’s where I was looking.

You can close this topic as solved, I just needed to look in the right place (or think with the smart part of my brain).

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Hmm, I wonder why we don’t have that, seems a sensible option. I’ll look into it! :smiley: