Cannot find the invite button

I’ve looked for a long time. I assume I’m just on the wrong page, but I want to send invites to the rest of my team.

It is down to your trust level, see:

And you do do not have a high enough trust level, for me your invites are listed on your profile page:

You can When you have a trust level of 2 you can create invites at this URL using the + Invite button.

EDIT: Corrected post.

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Got it. Thank you. I’ll just send the url to our guys.

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I’m not sure that sending the URL will work in terms of you getting credit for the invitation, I think you need to us the form yourself to send invites by email for that.

Invites are not need to join the forum, to invite people without using the invite system simply send them the URL and ask them to click the “Sign Up” button at the top right of the screen.

I get this when I click the bottom link. I am assuming this happens because I’m not of the right trust level. So I was talking about giving them the link.

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Right, so this forum probably has the default of:

The groups that are allowed to invite new users to the site (defaults to trust level 2 and staff)

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If you click the Share button at the bottom of a post, that will offer a link including your username, eg for this topic it would be:

That will credit you, so if a lot of people visit that link (say from Mastodon or other external sites) you might end up with a badge for it :slight_smile:. Your friends can always sign up from anywhere in the forum once they’re here and browsing.

Invite codes, on the other hand, tend to be a higher-level fuction for inviting a large group at once - say, a code that can be used 50 times and applies some additional tags or lands a t a specific topic. As a public forum, you don’t really need it here :slight_smile:

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