AWX Ansible - Unable to select Playbook when create Job Template

Hi, I’m setting up an AWX Ansible environment in an enclosed environment (disconnected from Internet). The AWX Ansible is deployed in a VMware Tanzu Kubernetes.
In AWX Ansible:

  • create a Project → Source Control URL is using: ssh://…/ansible-awx.git.

  • create Credential ->SSH Private Key.

In AWX Ansible ‘Project’, I’m able to to sync without error.

Issue hit when I tried to create AWX Ansible ‘Job Template’. In adding a ‘Job Template’, I 'm able to select ‘Project’, able to select ‘Credentials’. But when I tried to select a ‘Playbook’ it returns ‘No results found’. In my, I did create .yaml files.

Please advice how do I able to select ‘Playbook’ in AWX Ansible ‘Job Template’.

Thank you.