Playbook no result

Hi everyone.
I built awx in k3s environment
seem like project running as well, all pods running good
I was synced from my github repo, i also check to make sure it fetched successfully in directory /var/lib/awx/project
But i cant see any playbook file when trying to create a template
Does any one faced this issue? Thanks guys

Can you share your project tree of your project folder?

Thanks @binbashroot
This is my public github, dont have any special
You can visit it: GitHub - ngocnd1/awx

AWX inspects the contents of YAML files and only lists those that are considered playbooks. I checked your repository, and YAML files that only contains test are not recognized as playbooks, so it is expected that it does not appear in the UI.


expanding on what was said already, for them to be able to read the playbook expects certain information:

- hosts: all

to start off. The yaml files you have all say “test” inside. Those don’t get read at all.


Thanks @kurokobo
I was stuck this in two days :smiley:
It’s work
I was too subjective

Thanks @iyami5
Solved it after follow your guidance
Have a good day!

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