Any boardgame players around?

One that we spend a lot of time on (partly because all the scenarios are very elaborate and time consuming, partly because I enjoy it) is Mansions of Madness. Generally I like co-operative games, and things involving solving mysteries/puzzles, so Unlock! (and other “escape room” type) games are usually fun for me. Wingspan is a family favourite, cool theme and gameplay even though it’s competitive.

Here’s (part of) our boardgame collection.


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Also a big fan of co-op games, although the risk is that one player who knows the game well can dominate. I really like Battlestar Galactica for that, since most of it is co-op but 1-2 are traitors :slight_smile:. Pandemic is a classic (I have the first Legacy game waiting for my group to work through), and Mice & Mystics has a more RPG-ish feel. Or just go for Arkham Horror if you having nothing to do for 6 hours (not played that since my kids were born, lol)

Meadow is one I’ve been playing with my eldest kid, and Sleeping Queens with the youngest. A Little Wordy is brilliant. Clank and Legendary Encounters are fun deck-builders. Worker-placement is fun too, such as Lords of Waterdeep or Viticulture… I’m sure I can add more :thinking:

Oh, and I GM for a D&D group sometimes too :mage:


I usually go in for the classics like cluedo and monopoly even though I can see why you might not like them. I do like Dixit and Catan a lot. Cat crimes is a recent one that we’ve been enjoying in my family. We also play Blokus and Qwirkle pretty regularly. Trivial pursuit and scrabble are also favourites. Buckaroo is fun too, call me a philistine all you want.


@cybette I have a love hate relationship with board games. I love the idea but when the family start, the family start hehe! :sweat_smile:

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Big Fan here, I am the the resident board game hoarder in my social circle. I love Brass: Birmingham. I generally prefer worker placement, and have gotten some like Flamecraft as fun games as well.

I am lucky enough to live in Indianapolis and have gone to 10 GenCons, Though the next one will be in August