3d printing enthusiasts?

Any other 3d printing folk around who want to talk shop? I’m particularly pleased with these recent prints, so I’m going to show them off more :stuck_out_tongue:


nifty. My only 3-d printing interest is when people use it to create food :slight_smile:

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My partner is the one meddling with the printer mostly. Maybe I should get him on this forum :slight_smile:

He prints a lot of props to enhance our board game experience. Half the fun is in the painting!


That looks really cool @cybette What board games do you like to play?

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3D printing is one of my theoretical hobby (hobby that I unable to do IRL but do tons of research and watch tons of video on)

I’m hoping in the future I can be like “Honey, You know what’s a super cool skill for Owen (my eldest son) to learn? 3D model design!” and turn this theoretical hobby into an applied hobby


“theoretical hobby” :rofl:

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totally steally the notion of theoretical hobbies!