Ansible Community Day (Berlin 2023) - Trip Reports

Yesterday’s Community Day was amazing, but for those of you feeling left out, I figured the least I could do was a trip report (at least until the recordings are finished post-processing :stuck_out_tongue:)

@cybette and I arrived around 8.15am to get set up. C-Base is quite an amazing place, easily one of the most iconic venues I’ve been to. It’s large enough for a decent crowd (we had ~60 people during the day) but feels cozy and reassuring, rather than a cold conference venue in a hotel. The C-Base team looked after us exceptionally well, with bar staff keeping us topped up and an tight AV crew (5 mic sources, that’s well prepared!), so the event went smoothly - one of the few times where we haven’t really had to do any running around fixing things at all. Here’s an action shot from my talk in the morning:

The talks were excellent - I especially enjoyed @dschier’s highly interactive talk on how not to do Ansible, and as a community person it was great to hear @lucab_it’s take on building his own community - but all our speakers were amazing! Forum badges are coming your way next week :stuck_out_tongue:

The “hallway track” was just as important - we so rarely get a chance to talk together, so I made the most of it that I could, and I couldn’t possibly list all the folks I had interesting discussions with. Some very interesting points came out of that, and I’ll be updating my todo lists when I get home - so if I promised you something and you haven’t heard from me by then, let me know :wink:

We were done around 5pm and hung around for some social time - however, sadly my new Story Stitch haven’t arrived yet, so that will have to wait for Config Management Camp in February. We did get taken out for a classic Berlin kebab by a local community member - delicious :slight_smile:

I’m sticking around for the Matrix Summit for the few days, but I know I’ll be sorry to go home at the weekend. Berlin has been awesome, I hope we’ll be back :flight_arrival: :partying_face:

Feel free to add your own thoughts and memories from the event!


Thank you for the stage with my talk “From Zero to Hero: How to Build the Ansible Pilot Community” to share my experience in creating a Community and sharing the hustle and bustle of writing Ansible books. Excellent event, Ansible Community Day Berlin 2023! A Memorable Conference with Code, Tech Enthusiasts, and Innovators.