About the Project Discussions category

Discuss any aspect of the Ansible Project here! This space is organized by tag, and tag generally correspond to a Working Group or Ecosystem Project . There are also some high-level tags such as mindshare, community and so on.

You can turn on notifications for the whole category, but that’s probably a lot. You can think of this category as a collection of mailing lists organized by tag — to “subscribe” to the ones you want, navigate to that tag, click the :bell: icon and chose Watching (or Watching First Post or Tracking, for different levels). Or, if you want to not be bothered by something, you can mark a tag Muted. (These same settings on individual threads will override the tag setting; if you post in a thread, it will by default change to Watching. You can configure this in your preferences.

For more detailed help with tags, categories, and subscriptions, check out Navigating the Ansible forum — Tags, Categories, and Concepts.

If you’d prefer to interact with this site primary by email, see this guide. Of course, not all conversation in Ansible happens here: we also have :matrix_chat: Ansible Social (and other rooms) on Matrix for real-time conversations.

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