Replacing news-for-maintainers

Currently, we have Issues · ansible-collections/news-for-maintainers · GitHub to allow any community member to post an announcement for collection maintainers. I would like to move this to Discourse sooner or later. Discourse has a nice feature that allows getting notifications only for the first post in a topic, so maintainers could enable that option, and then any discussion could happen in the same topic (instead of a separate Github Discussion) without bothering people.


@SteeringCommittee your thoughts? (Just demonstrating group pings :stuck_out_tongue: )

Also, does this make more sense under Project Discussions, perhaps with some suitable tags?

Yeah, I wasn’t really sure where to put this. I’m still unclear of what the forum equivalent of community-topics is supposed to be.

The idea SGTM, though i would start with moving community-topics first as the target audience is smaller (24 against 128 at the moment).
Then, after we get some experience and feedback, we could move news for maintainers here with less pain / confusion.


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I agree that this isn’t ideal. Additionally, it feels a bit like wrong since it’s not really an issue, is it?

Who do you think should be allowed to publish news for maintainers? The core team and the steering committee? Those are the two groups I thought about first, but maybe there are others.


Maybe news-for-maintainers could be a (albeit a bit long) tag in the News & Announcements category, but that category is moderated and we can’t have un-moderated tags.

If any member should be able to post those type of announcements, then moving that tag to the Project Discussions category might work for notifying interested people when used together with the collections tag?

Yeah, pretty much. I’m excited about the forum, as it’s actually a proper place to have community discussions, as opposed to fractured Github repos that (mis)use a task tracker for discussion and announcements.

Can we just make the News & Announcements open to all SC and core team members? As @mariolenz pointed out, those are the main two groups who need to post there. I assume Discourse also has the ability to make the category open to all but moderated or to move topics from other places if we need to.

Bring these two together - you can restrict the use of a tag to specific groups. For example, only the Community Team can use the official tag right now, to mark official events. So, we could create a tag for this and give the rights to use it to certain groups (or make a new group, if needed).

We can then tell maintainers “hey, you should set this tag to Watched in your preferences” so they get notifications appropriately. Adding collections seems fair too.

This is something we need to discuss more widely, I’ll make a new topic for this. Right now it’s only available to our team but that was always a placeholder - we need to set expectations here.

It does. Although I’m unclear if you get a notification for a moved topic. We should test that :stuck_out_tongue:

I just created a new announcement in the news-for-maintainers repository (ansible-core devel drops support for Python 2.7 and 3.6 · Issue #60 · ansible-collections/news-for-maintainers · GitHub), but I have no idea where to post it here.

We never did finish this debate, oops.

As things stand now, I would suggest either a post to Ecosystem Releases or here in Project Discussions, tagged with collections but possibly also a new tag, perhaps #maintainers? We can ask that maintainers follow that tag, just as they would follow the old repo, and then they’ll get emails/notifications as appropriate.

Does that work?

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Does this warrant a separate category under News & Announcements? news-for-maintainers is a specific type of news meant for collection maintainers.

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Move all the things to the forum! :sunglasses:

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I’m wary of that - in the same vein of “lets not have 30 categories under Project Discussions for all the projects”, I don’t really want 10+ types of news. Even the 3 subcategories we have already feels confusing.

Given we expect maintainers to follow “a process” whatever that process is, can we make it “follow this tag” or even “join this group” which can have a tag automatically added.


@gwmngilfen the group + tag sounds very good to me. In this case, there’ll be no need for maintainers to mess around tags, subscriptions, etc., they just click “join” that’s it.

The group can be called collection maintainers, the tag could be news-for-maintainers.

If we create a news-for-maintainers tag in News & Announcements, will anyone be able to post to it?

Indeed, I like the group idea. It will make things easier for everyone, and it’s nice to provide collection maintainers a forum flair to recognize their work.

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The tag could well be in Project Discussions not in News & Announcements - it doesn’t matter where the post is if you’re following the tag, and it’s likely such news might well lead to discussions anyway. I’m really trying to keep News & Announcements and it’s categories focussed on things that lots of people would want to see (and though I might wish for thousands of maintainers, we’re not here yet :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Okay, we can try a #news-for-maintainers tag in Project Discussions.

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I’ve created news-for-maintainers - do you want a description sidebar?

hey all, great discussion, thanks
it’s now good time to push things forward.
i created a roadmap, did I miss anything?
While you’re taking a look, i’ll start creating the Collection Maintainers group. UPDATED: created the group.