Advices on AWX different way of configuration


As i’m currently learning K8s while using AWX, i need some advices on how to handle/set AWX configuration:

I know how to deploy an instance of AWX (thanks to awx-operator) but also to customize it basically through K8s using the Advanced Options here Default execution environments from private registries - Ansible AWX Operator Documentation

I’d say I know how to configure the “bottle” but not the “substance”.

At the moment, once my AWX instance is set, I spend time to create credentials, to setup LDAP, setup template project and so on…

**So my question is : How can I perform these actions in a declarative way ? **
Is it possible to do it from a K8s perspective ? or should I go to ansible-playbook to talk with AWX API for these kind of actions ?

Thanks a lot for your help and precious advices :slight_smile:


Hi Gael, if i understood what you mean you maybe is looking for this Index of all Modules — Ansible Documentation


Hi ! yes it’s probably a part of, the link you provided is to configure AWX through Ansible.
Is it the preferable way to configure it ?

My 1st question was about the possibility to configure AWX settings within K8s (with a deploy file for instance).

I think the best way is to put everything in YAML files in GIT, and then use AWX to configure itself.

And there is even a template almost perfect for that: GitHub - redhat-cop/aap_configuration_template: Ansible Automation Platform Configuration as Code examples template

I say almost because I find it a hard to use, but it has everything we need! :smiley: (except for the installation, but since there is awx-operator, in your case it’s not an issue)


Looking at the AWX Operator documentation as you mentioned (Ansible AWX Operator Documentation) i didn’t find a way of configuring the AWX from the k8s perspective. I really don’t know if it’s possible, the declarative way i know it’s by the awx.awx module. If you find a way let met know !

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@laurent-indermuehle @souovan merci for your answers ! I’ll have a look at the documentation + the GitHub repo mentionned :slight_smile: it will be a great option i guess !

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Most of configurations under Settings in AWX UI can be configured through extra_settings of AWX CR, since the keys and values that passed over extra_settings will simply be embedded to for AWX.

In addition to extra_settings, this is a bit different approach, but there is an Operator to manage resources on AWX as CR: GitHub - ansible/awx-resource-operator

I’m not tested well but there seems to be following CRD:

  • Credentials
  • Instance Groups
  • Inventories
  • Jobs
  • Projects
  • Schedules
  • Workflows
  • Job Templates
  • Workflow Templates
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Interesting way of doing it.
So it means I should clone the repo, change the values I need and then deploy it without Helm.

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