Help to configure AWX using infra.controller_configuration

I installed AWX inside Minikube using awx-operator 2.7.1. Everything is up and running and I can login to the user interface.

Now I want to use the playbook forked from redhat-cop/aap_configuration_template to populate all the objects, like organizations, teams, configurations, etc, for the controller.

But I fail to see how to target the pods inside minikube. I naively tried to expose SSHD with no luck (and on which pod? awx-tasks or awx-web?).

Now I think I may need to expose the API instead. But have no clue how to do that.

Is there a documentation I missed? Or someone can help me understand how to configure AWX inside Kubernetes?

I respond to myself.

I’ve tried to use this playbook directly from AWX. I added the GIT repository as a project, created credentials for my SCM, imported the EE, etc.

The API now respond, but it respond “Connection refused”.

I’m shifting to another way to setup my CI because using Minikube is way too different that what I want to accomplish. Which is to use a AAP 2.4 in a RHEL9 VM.

I’m now trying the technical preview : Ansible Automation Platform containerized installation

It even includes a way to post-install the controller using the ansible.controller collection (still no doc for aap_configuration_template).

it should not be targeting pods, the awx collection that the aap_configuration uses targets the WebURL of the api to do all the work. It does nothing on the pod or on a cli/database level.

You should be able to reference it by going to https://controller.nas/api/v2/, or whatever web address you’ve exposed and used.

@sean_sullivan thanks for your reply. I see that now.

I was confused because the collection also help install things and this can’t be done via the API. Unless you need a first controller?