Add Reactions plugin to the forum

Was poking around the badges, and found the Reaction one, and then went hunting. And found we don’t have that plugin enabled.

I think it would be a fun/useful addition to the server to enable this, as users could react in different ways to different comments.


We actually discussed this during our alpha phase some months ago. There were a few reasons why we decided against it in the end:

  1. It’s a manual whitelist of emoji to set up in the admin page (discourse_reactions_enabled_reactions)
  2. If we want to be inclusive, we have to create a very large list of emoji for skin tones (or use the blue-skin ones as Fedora does)
  3. It dilutes the value of the Like - for example, that other reactions are not included in your Cheers score, and queries around top-likers etc are less easy to arrange

1 & 2 are manageable, but 3 bothers me as a data person. So my first question would be - which emoji would you want to be able to choose from? I am reminded of the Paradox forums, which have only “Agree” and “Respectfully disagree” :stuck_out_tongue:


3 does irk me, I just got excited when I saw it was a plugin, and didn’t know about the backend management and data implications.
So used to discord where I can add 20 reactions to something and the points don’t matter.


I agree, reactions are a standard. But this is not chat, and I don’t want it to become chat either :slight_smile:

It’s also easy to dismiss the scores and gamification stuff, but we do want to do a better job of recognising work done, especially where that isn’t code (because counting GitHub is relatively easy)


You can always add emojis in-line :kissing_heart:


shall see how the image imbed works for my favorite slack reaction.

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Don’t think I can’t see you liking everything sight :rofl: . You have a limited number per day you know …

Also solutions are worth way more, you should get some people to click that Solved button :slight_smile:

Was actually going for the 50 in one day badge, Not rank. I did stop as yeah not worth it.


I’m typing in jest, I love your enthusiasm :slight_smile: