GitHub integrations and badges for contribution?

I would like to find a place to discuss different idea for automations that we can put around the forum.

For example, would it be possible to have integration with GitHub that somehow show GitHub contribution to Ansible projects maybe as badges?

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The Forum Guide & Feedback category is the place for that, in general (although if it relates to a specific project we could also tag it). I’ve moved this topic over :slight_smile:

I’m somewhat wary of GitHub contributions as a metric. Whilst we do need to recognise the effort people put into the project, things like the Hacktoberfest chaos show how easy it can be to overwhelm those systems. We also have 500 GitHub repos, so that could be quite spammy if we do it naively.

I do maintain a set of GitHub reports (and other things too) on my stats platform which do a more nuanced take on GitHub contributions.

Discourse has a badge system (as you’ve probably discovered) so the Community Team is exploring if we want to make that the place for Ansible badges in general. Discourse badges have a full API, so (if we go this way) it would be possible to grant badges from other reports/systems. But we’re some way off that.

@TheRealHaoLiu I would like to add to this to also show galaxy contribution or just as simple has having github and galaxy sections/badges on the profile site or as an own section underneeth website link.

  • Github link
  • Gitlab link
  • Galaxy link

I really like this idea, I’m going to go add it to our plans for community recognition. Thanks!

You can add whatever you like to your profile, please do add links to things you’d like to showcase. Some forum badges can link to things, so we can explore what’s possible with that re GitHub/Galaxy in the future.

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@gwmngilfen :slight_smile: That sounds good, glad to be part of it :slight_smile:

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