Missing Namespaces in NG

Missing Namespaces

When I logged into Galaxy which is now Galaxy NG, it created a new user rather than signing into my user and now I don’t have access to the namespaces that I should.

@galaxy Just wondering when this might get fixed? Thanks.


@galaxy Yes, I am no longer admin of my own namespace “oxivanisher” as before, but now I own “oxivanisher0”. How can I lose “oxivanisher0” and get “oxivanisher” back? I would like to update my stuff.

@darkdecoy what is the namespace you should have? (i.e. info like that that @oxivanisher shared in the post above)

I noticed that my namespace had been updated with permissions but used my old username so I created a new github user with that name and then logged in with it into galaxy and since there wasn’t a user by that name in galaxy it gave me that username which gave me access to the namespaces. The namespaces are altispeed and darkdecoy.

@galaxy My namespaces are still broken, is here a timeline for a fix? I am currently unable to update my collections which makes galaxy basically useless for me.

@galaxy bump … another week without any sign of fix or reaction to this issue. Should we move completely away from galaxy and self-host stuff? It seems to be the best solution.

I believe a big batch of fixes went out yesterday, and the Galaxy crew asked for more reports - so if it’s still an issue today I’m sure they’ll want to dig into it. I’ll check to make sure they’re aware of this one.

@oxivanisher I have added you as the owner of “oxivanisher” and deleted “oxivanisher0”.

@darkdecoy I set the provider namespace for “darkdecoy” to the “darkdecoy” v3 namespace, which has the user “oxivanisher” listed as an owner. I did the same for the “altispeed” legacy and v3 namespace. If that doesn’t resolve your access issue, can you please reply with your current galaxy username?


Wonderful, thanks!

I was able to update my collection. I still see the oxivanisher0 namespace, but that does not really concern me as long as I am able to upload to my main namespace.

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