Which ansible book do you recommend to learn ansible out of these?

  1. Automation with Ansible
    Yogesh Raheja
  2. Ansible: Up and Running - Automating Configuration Management and Deployment the Easy Way
    by Bas Meijer (Author), Lorin Hochstein (Author), René Moser (Author)
  3. Hands-on Ansible Automation by Luca Berton
  4. IT Infrastructure Automation Using Ansible: Guidelines to Automate the Network, Windows, Linux, and Cloud Administration by waqas irtzaza

I’m on Linux machine, red hat flavour to be precise centos 7.

I’m familiar with #2 which is good and I also recommend Ansible for DevOps by Jeff Geerling. I think both these books should give you a very good all-round view about what Ansible is and how you use it.


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I’d add that several of those authors have accounts here on the forum, so there’s scope for clarifying questions etc.

Hmmm, I feel a “Book Nook” or similar learner’s area category taking shape here … :slight_smile: