Where should Working Group and other process docs live?

As part of Moving ansible/community content to ansible-community , we need to discuss where we want to put detailed process documentation that a working group might have. The wiki at the old location is stale, but does show that some working groups do have more detailed docs than can go on a single forum group page here.

Some examples that come to mind:

So the specific questions that come to mind for me:
1 - Should we let WGs just put docs where they want? (aka ain’t broke, don’t fix it)
2 - Do we need a WG ‘summary’ page that links to all of them?

For #2, we do have this docs page, but it’s not particularly easy to read. We could reformat it some, but perhaps the better approach is we ensure any WG with a separate process docsite includes that in their forum group page, and then that docs page just links to the forum group pages? (there’s a PR already to do that for the WGs that do have a forum page now).

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Related to this, we also have process docs not tied to a specific working group, such as:

We also have a lot of process docs on docs.ansible.com for the community, steering committee, as well as collection inclusion (which I think may still be split between docs and a github readme). Adding to that list, we’ll probably have more docs for guidelines on running the community in the future so… growing list.

Some ideas of the top of my head:

  • For Working groups here in the forum - add process links to the group page summary
  • For docs not associated with a working group - Form a ‘group’ here anyway and add to the forum group page summary.

Longer term - we should have a ‘presence’ on the community website - maybe a subpage for the active working groups to say what they do, and then point to the group page here on the forum. Gnome has something like this

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