Video Demo: Streamlining Devops with Red Hat Developer Hub and Ansible Automation Platform

Video walkthrough on revolutionizing DevOps processes using Red Hat Developer Hub and Ansible Automation Platform.

my colleague @Lopez created this awesome video

Key Highlights:

Alice’s Challenge: Meet Alice, a skilled developer proficient in coding but less experienced in deployment and server configuration. Discover how she navigates the complexities of integrating with tools like ServiceNow for efficient deployment tracking.

Tools for Transformation: Explore how Red Hat Developer Hub, a centralized developer portal, and Ansible Automation Platform, an automation powerhouse, become Alice’s allies in simplifying her development journey.

Practical Demonstration: Witness Alice’s workflow, from using the Golden Path Template in Developer Hub to initiate her Quarkus microservice project, to automating tasks with Ansible Automation Platform.

End-to-End Process: Follow Alice’s journey from initiating a project, handling ServiceNow tickets, to the final deployment of her Quarkus application, and see how Red Hat Developer Hub and Ansible Automation Platform streamline each step.

Final Takeaway: Understand how these tools not only simplify processes but empower developers to focus on their core competencies, leading to faster innovation and efficient delivery.