Usiging different port than 80 in AWX

Is it possible to use different port than 80 in awx? Awx operator is running in Openshift which doesnt allow to use ports lower than 1024. It is possible to use anyuid scc which allows using ports lowet than 1024, but it is a security risk.


I’m guessing you are talking about the exposed route port. From your previous post I got that you deployed AWX from awx-operator helm chart, using a ClusterIP service and Route.
I just looked through config documentation, especially the networking part and it doesn’t seem possible to override this value. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Still, you should be able to hot-edit your route specs to expose another port.

According to the same documentation page, you could also use a LoadBalancer service type instead of ClusterIP + Route, though you might not have an external LB available in your setup.

hey @dkoci i see that you have a separate topic that’s related to this lets consolidate the conversation over there since the other topic may have more relevent context


@ptn I have read the documentation, and it is indeed not possible to change the port, unless the service type is LoadBalancer.

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