User of the week!

Another Monday, another Friday I forgot - I need some automation here :slight_smile:

Still, let’s catch up! For last week, our User of the Week is … @gotmax23!

Packaging, documentation, Steering Committee … do you ever stop, Maxwell :slight_smile:? Thanks for being here and for all you do for Ansible :pray: :heart:


Thanks, Greg! I’m happy to be here.


How’s November treating you so far folks? Can’t believe we’ve had the forum almost 2 months already (and we have nearly 1200 users too!)

Still, another week rolls by, and another badge to grant - this time, to @felixfontein!

I’m not going to even try to list all the things Felix does for the community - I’m certain to miss some. Suffice to say that whenever I look at community activity metrics, Felix is usually an order-of-magnitude ahead of everyone else. I don’t know where we’d be without you :slight_smile:

Also a shoutout to @ptn who has just become the first person to “organically” reach Trust Level 3 (rather than me promoting people who need it) - kudos!


Thank you very much @gwmngilfen! And also congrats to @ptn for reaching TL3 :slight_smile:


This is going to be a fun one … :wink:

This week, it’s @tanganellilore - and according to the forum profile, on your birthday!

Thanks for all your help and participation, Lorenzo - have a :cake: on us :stuck_out_tongue: (and a badge, ofc)



Thanks for it and yes, I will eat some :birthday:
:partying_face: :dancing_men: :piñata:


I saw that one coming somehow :wink: Congrats @tanganellilore!


Oh my, I missed this on Friday again, too busy!

For Friday 17th, then, it’s … @TheRealHaoLiu!

Hao is one of the drivers behind the AWX part of the community - thanks for all you do! It wouldn’t be the same without you :stuck_out_tongue:

Folks, it’s becoming clear that we can’t keep this pace up - shall we make it monthly instead?


If only there were some sort of, I don’t know, an … “automation engine” thingy…


It’s not about automation, I’ve done most of that (no, I’m not going to use GPT to actually write the post, but the rest is done :stuck_out_tongue:). No, it’s about how we calculate the scores.

When giving a badge like this, there’s two ways to look at it:

  • Who has the most activity this week
  • Who has the most activity over all time but doesn’t have the badge yet

I actually merge those two - I only look at this week’s activity, but I also don’t duplicate awards. That means someone like @IPvSean (who of all the people who don;t have the badge yet, is far and away in the lead) has won it, because he’s consistently active but people who put spikes of effort in keep getting to the top.

However, it’s not perfect in reverse either - on a this-week-only score, @IPvSean was 9th. So is it right that a large mass of prior activity should beat someone who genuinely has been active this week?

There’s no perfect answer, but I think monthly might be better because it balances “now” vs “all-time” in a better way. In a month, you still have to be consistent (which I’d like to value), it can’t be spiked - but you do have to be here this month.


Sort of a “This week’s ‘User for the Past Month’ goes to …”

But seriously, you’ve set a tough task for yourself, to pick a winner on any particular time scale, especially since being a kind, thoughtful, helpful, inquisitive, consistently present community member is fundamentally not a competition. So good luck with that!


2 posts were split to a new topic: How to expand the “community team”?

Well Discourse automates it - there is a set of weights for various activities (eg having some mark your post as a solution is worth way more than a like) and then it gets added up, all I have to do is see who’s at the top of the list - not too tedious :slight_smile:. But we do have to decide what timeframe to count over, as above.

More generally, I want at least some of these badges to mean something. I want badges that you would show off, maybe even use them to help get an Ansible-based job in the future. We need to support each other in skilling up, because then we all win. If you had a rare badge that implies “I know what I’m doing, and the community agrees”, that would have value, right?


That’s very kind of you @gwmngilfen but I would like to yield to @kurokobo.

He’s a long time outstanding community member that’s been helping people all over the forum and in the project.

He’s my inspiration and reason why I started to pay attention to this “open source” thing.


Hey I’m just going by what my metrics tell me - there’s ~1300 users here at this point, I can’t keep tabs on all of you :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha thank you @TheRealHaoLiu, your words are worth for me more than winning “User of the week” :smiley:

Since I believe that “User of the week” is a gamification focused solely on the activities of this forum, I think it would be sufficient if the winners were determined according to the existing leaderboard

Any contributions to the community including outside the forum could be recognized in other ways, such as Angry Potato Award (sending angry potato goodies as you did for me) :laughing:

I’m sure not everyone knows about this leaderboard.

I think it would probably be more convincing if it was clearly stated that the award winners were determined based on this.


I would agree!

Actually I use leaderboard 4 - but I don’t link to it precisely because I don’t want to encourage gamifying it even further. Perhaps I should revisit that policy… :thinking:

It’s also hard to track long-term, because (as I was saying earlier) I currently go edit the relevant dates for that board each week (so right now it’s tracking this week, but next week it won’t be).

It is solely based solely on the forum, yes. I would love to fold in GitHub, Matrix, Meetup organisers, and more sources of contribution into a single source - but that’s hard, especially when we don’t all use consistent usernames across these spaces.

I do produce other metrics on GitHub and Matrix, and we’re also planning to expand the forum badges for other things, somewhat like - we’ve already done some speaker and attendee badges for the Community Day in Berlin, and I want to do something with our Meetup organisers too. There’s a lot we can do to simply give a nod to those doing work that isn’t always easy to see - but I’ll agree that swag is also good when it can be arranged!

The initial goals with User of the Week were:

  • encourage use of the forum while we’re in “boot-up mode” - getting usage early on with new forums is hard, and like it or hate it gamification does work on many people :stuck_out_tongue:
  • give an example of giving badges out as a form of recognition, so we can see how to do this for other types of contribution
  • understand how we might automate more of that

So far, that’s largely done - which is another reason why I’m thinking we could go to monthly. Less spammy, and we’re much more stable in terms of usage now.