Urgent Ansible 2.13+ Support Needed

Urgent Ansible 2.13+ Support Needed

Dear Bubble,
I urgently need your help with an issue I’m currently struggling with in Ansible:

In version 2.11.3, I heavily relied on the functionality of Collections. This means I managed various collections under a namespace and referenced them as dependencies. For example, when installing a Jira Collection, it would also pull the http Collection and, in turn, the httpd Collection along with a system-Basics Collection. :confused:

Now, with Ansible 2.15.3, I’m facing an issue as it seems the structure has been significantly changed. :grimacing:

I can no longer use playbooks within the Collections, as I used to manage everything magically within those playbooks. Does this now need to be done through sub-roles within the Collection? :thinking:
I can’t establish dependencies between Collections anymore. If I specify a dependency in the meta/runtime.yml or meta/main.yml, it doesn’t get pulled. :disappointed:
It would be great if someone could provide me with some guidance because I can’t find any information on this online! :pray:

Your post is somewhat confusing, and providing more details about what you’re doing may help people help you. Useful information would include things like the actual commands you’re running and the output that you receive.

The collection structure did not change in any major ways between 2.11 and 2.15. Playbooks inside collections still work the same way and dependencies are still specified the same way.


Thank you for your fast response

I knew that my post is a bit confusing, because I don’t know how to specify my problem.
But I solved it now

  1. Use of Playbooks
    I got it by defining the correct namespace.collection.playbook

  2. Dependencies of Collections
    Okay if you define a dependecie in the galaxy.yml it only will download the collection assigned, but you need to specify it also in the collection-role in the meta/main.yml.
    Otherwise it will only be downloaded and not roled out

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