Update fortigate firmware from 7.0.12 to 7.0.13

hello, I am trying to upgrade the firmware of my fortigate from version 7.0.12 to version 7.0.13
I get the error below, I have tried to figure out the problem by searching the online documentation, but have not found a solution.
Can anyone give me any pointers?
my playbook

- hosts: fortigates
    - fortinet.fortios
  connection: httpapi
   vdom: "root"
   ansible_httpapi_use_ssl: yes
   ansible_httpapi_validate_certs: no
   ansible_httpapi_port: 446
  - name: Coordinate federated upgrades within the Security Fabric.
      vdom:  "{{ vdom }}"
        #failure_device: "<your_own_value>"
        failure_reason: "none"
        #ha_reboot_controller: "<your_own_value>"
        next_path_index: "1"
            coordinating_fortigate: "<your_own_value>"
            device_type: "fortigate"
            maximum_minutes: "15"
            serial: "FGT40FTKXXXXX"
            #setup_time: "<your_own_value>"
            #time: "<your_own_value>"
            timing: "immediate"
            upgrade_path: "7-0-13"
        status: "disabled"
        upgrade_id: "20"

digita o incolla il codice qui


[WARNING]: Ansible has detected version mismatch between FortOS system and your playbook, see more details by specifying option -vvv
fatal: [fortigate]: FAILED! => {
    "changed": false,
    "invocation": {
        "module_args": {
            "access_token": null,
            "enable_log": false,
            "member_path": null,
            "member_state": null,
            "system_federated_upgrade": {
                "failure_device": null,
                "failure_reason": "none",
                "ha_reboot_controller": null,
                "next_path_index": 1,
                "node_list": [
                        "coordinating_fortigate": "<your_own_value>",
                        "device_type": "fortigate",
                        "maximum_minutes": 15,
                        "serial": "FGT40FTXXXX",
                        "setup_time": null,
                        "time": null,
                        "timing": "immediate",
                        "upgrade_path": "7-0-13"
                "status": "disabled",
                "upgrade_id": 20
            "vdom": "root"
    "meta": {
        "build": 523,
        "cli_error": "The string contains XSS vulnerability characters\n\nvalue parse error before ''\nCommand fail. Return code -173\n",
        "error": -173,
        "http_method": "PUT",
        "http_status": 500,
        "name": "federated-upgrade",
        "old_revision": "359d769f5f5a4d93bb0abe024c51523d",
        "path": "system",
        "revision": "5eda1b65bf5398f4bc3c368c9d7a89ab",
        "revision_changed": true,
        "serial": "FGT40FTKXXXX",
        "status": "error",
        "vdom": "root",
        "version": "v7.0.12"
    "msg": "Error in repo",
    "version_check_warning": {
        "matched": false,
        "mismatches": [
            "option node_list.maximum_minutes(15) not supported since v7.0.0, before v7.4.0"
        "system_version": "v7.0.12"

digita o incolla il codice qui

That’s the relevant part of the error. Looks like that option / argument is not supported any more. Did you try removing the maximum_minutes parameter from the playbook?

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thanks for your reply.
I am investigating because it seems to be a problem on the fortigate.
thank you