Unexpected link from the "house" icon at upper right

I often click on my profile icon to see flagged conversations from there. With my attention on the upper right corner of the screen, I then click on the house icon, thinking it will take me to the forum home page. It doesn’t. It opens Ansible Community | Ansible.com in a new tab.

I find this behavior surprising every time it happens. Has anyone else noticed this? Are there folks who expected the behavior they got when clicking on that icon? Do we know how many folks use that link and then go on to view other content on ansible.com?

I don’t entirely know if this is a problem, and I don’t have a solution in mind, though perhaps using a different icon would make the behavior less surprising.

Thanks for this. So I do also find it odd that the Home icon goes to a different website. I poked arond on a few other discourse forums and don’t see the home icon at all. Given that clicking the Ansible Community on the upper left returns to the home view, maybe we can remove the Home icon entirely?


Somehow I forgot to reply to this, sorry!

So yes, I added that icon. I thought it was important that we could easily get to the root domain, especially given the future plans there. However in hindsight perhaps the “home” icon was a bit misleading…

Would you suggest a different icon, or just removing it entirely?

Right now we have the Ansible icon on the left and the home icon on the right. What if we just switched the icons? So home would do what home usually does, gets back to the top of the forum so to speak. And the Ansible icon would go to the Ansible website.

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Speaking for myself, I think that would be confusing for people who use a lot of Discourse forums.

Thanks Chris. Very valid point. Should we just remove the home icon entirely?

Perhaps, I wonder if a “Community Home” link to https://ansible.com/community could be added to the left hand column menu, perhaps after “Community Events”?

That would be easy, yes. Although there’s quite a few links already. I might experiment with a new section header with all the external links in it… Bookmarked for Monday when I get home :slight_smile:

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OK, I’ve added a sidebar called “Community Links” with a few things… suggests for more additions are welcome!

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Nice one, but there is a typo, “Documentation”:

Screenshot 2024-02-12 at 17-18-43 New Get Help topics - Ansible

Also what do you think about adding a link to https://ansible.com/community in the “Community Links” menu and removing the house icon?

Oops, nothing to see here, move along please :kissing:

That should be gone, you might need to hard-refresh the page though

I’m open to that, but if someone has made it here to the forum a lot of that page is redundant. We want people to gather here, I think, so it might not be that useful. Anyone have an opinion?

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Thank you! Future me will be very happy not too get unexpectedly dumped out of Discourse.

At some point, Ansible.com will change to be mostly community-focused. The proposed new Ansible Community | Ansible.com doesn’t have much on it so may not be worth an additional link here. See GitHub - ansible-community/community-website: Ansible Community website (WIP) to get an idea what it will look like in the future.