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Hey! Back in March the Ansible community team at Red Hat announced that we were planning to launch a new website at to coincide with the wider initiative to build a more robust web presence for the Ansible community.

We’ve shared some screenshots and wireframes in an previous discussion. Now it’s time to get hands on and start testing things out! I’d like to invite everyone who is interested to take a look at the new homepage on our test site.

To take a look at the test site, visit

We want to hear from you! While you’re taking a look around, please give consideration to the following things in particular:

  • Responsive design. Do you notice any overflows, overlapping text, or other oddities on mobile devices?
  • Wording. Spelling or grammar mistakes? Something you just don’t agree with? Could some text use a bit more cowbell?

We love nits and want to really fine tune this site so, please, don’t hold back. All suggestions and insights are welcome. We will listen to you. This is your site.

To get involved, head over to the website repository and either open an issue or send us a pull request. You can also reply to this thread with your thoughts and feedback.


Also I’d like to give a special shoutout to @tiyip for her outstanding work on the wireframe and great collaboration on the ux design! :tada: She really made this new homepage awesome.


Already generated one PR to update an underlying docsite.

But it looks good, A great landing page to point in all the different legs of the octopus that we’ve created. Now to complete the chimera with links back to it :slight_smile:


That’s an Ouroboros you’re thinking of :smiley:

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it is /faceplam

Great one. nice landing page.

Why dont we host it with custom domain?

Hi @gineesh Thanks for the compliment!

We have discussed custom domains (such as and that’s certainly a possibility. However we do have the opportunity ahead of us to use which is a really attractive option mainly because it has a ton of SEO authority and will avoid fragmentation. Honestly @gwmngilfen said it all pretty well when he outlined the 2023 community strategy.



But I think that will be a “BIG” decision Red Hat has to make?
And both and are looks good :slight_smile:

Thanks @gineesh I’m happy to inform that this is an effort that comes from Red Hat. There is work in progress to move platform details to the Red Hat homepage.


Hey all, if anyone has time for a review I’ve done some work on the homepage to improve the “Why Ansible” text from the wireframe.

The purpose of this text is to succinctly answer the question “What is Ansible?” to someone who has never heard of it and might not even be technically proficient.

Here’s a pull request with my take on it: Ansible automation: Improve the wording on the homepage by oraNod · Pull Request #251 · ansible-community/community-website · GitHub

Take a look and add some comments. Or respond here. Or push a commit to my branch. Just let me know if you have any feedback. Cheers! :surfing_man:


Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the news.