Header vs footer (and content)

Right now, we have a very minimal header for extra links to things:


I do not like :frowning_face: - but the alternatives are not better, at least not for the header. However, CDCK are happy to copy the footer from Fedora:

This seems better. I think we should remove the 2 header links, and have a footer instead. As for the content, I’m thinking:

Thoughts? more links?

FWIW, the current links don’t really look right on mobile. The top logo, Ansible, and Chat are a bit squished together. I think a footer is indeed a better choice.

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Do we want to keep the link to Chat/Matrix (in the footer)?

I’m torn on that @cybette - part of me says yes link-all-the-things; part of me thinks that Spaces still aren’t perfect and people will find the Matrix rooms as they get involved in a given project. Happy to go with what others think

CDCK would prefer a neutral logo that works for both dark & light themes. So should we go with the usual Pool Logo:

Or do we ask them to do two images (which, grudgingly, I think they will):


I think having a quick way in the top to go back to the home page is important. A lot of forums miss that part and people end fighting the interface to return to the site.

I don’t like the current setup, but I definitly think we need something that makes it easy to go to Ansible Community | Ansible.com (and ansible.com in the future) up there.

I do agree on the footer (which can be extended), but I still think we need a top nav.

Elastic is using icons instead of words, which is not great either, but does look better:

I would point to the social room, and we can direct them from there. Most (new) people seem confused about the “spaces” concept.

So currently we’re using Custom Header Links which only supports text links.

I also tried Brand Header but that adds a bar above the existing header which felt awful, tbh.

Custom Header Links (icons) might be OK? it’s icons only which is fine if you just want to put a :house: linking back to the website, but it’s not super obvious/intuitive.

Sounds fair, updated the OP.

This seems the best compromise to at least have something. My +1 for that.

I’ve replaced the header links with the icon for home. Looks good to me, even on mobile.

I see it ok, but it’s linking to the forum itself instead of Ansible Community | Ansible.com

I interpreted “go back” here as to the forum root. But of course, the :ansible_pool_mark: does that… should it be ansible.com though?

My thought was /community because this is the community forum, with a tooltip that reads “Ansible Community Home”. Are we getting a link to the forum from ansible.com homepage? if we are, then it’s ok to have it go there.

We’ll be getting a link from the community page, so I think it makes sense to have it link back there instead of ansible.com, at least for the time being.


It is easy to change. So I changed it. We can always change it again :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need a decision on the logo - does anyone have an issue with using :ansible_pool_mark: for simplicity? @CommunityTeam


No issue from me. +1 to the pool logo.

The logo is fine. I like that it returns to the forum. Very convenient.

Footer is in place, head to Categories or some other page without infinite scroll to see it :slight_smile:


I like it, Single color simplifies it.
It looks a bit smaller than before or maybe that’s just me, but looking good!

:partying_face: woohooo!

Looking at Fedora, maybe we can use the logo mark AND the wordmark like them? That might look better and will help people to associate both marks

And for the text, go with “Automation powered by community” like in Ansible Community | Ansible.com, instead of the “radically simple…” to keep it consistent and community centred? We haven’t gotten back to the mission and all that, but for this particular case feels better.

@cybette can we combine the logos that way?

The wordmarks would need two images for light & dark themes, which CDCK were hesitant about. I can ask, but it might be a while. Text I can update.