Unable to login after upgrade from 4.7.1 to 4.8.1

After upgrade from 4.7.1 to 4.8.1 I’m unable to login to my local Galaxy Ng. Something is broken o I need to somehow migrate password hash? after downgrade to 4.7.1 everything works again. I’m using Galaxy on k8s staged by Pulp Operator.

If your setup involves any sort of proxying, it may be worth investigating which headers are being passed.

4.7 → 4.8 involves a major Django update, I believe there were some CORS changes, and I’ve definitely seen an authentication error when the Origin header was missing (details).

Thanks for hint, I’m using ingress with Traefik so maybe there is something wrong. I will investigate that.

Looks like a but in pulp operator Unable to login to 4.8.1 version of Galaxy NG · Issue #1162 · pulp/pulp-operator (github.com)

You can add CSRF_TRUSTED_ORIGINS through pulp_settings in your CR:

apiVersion: repo-manager.pulpproject.org/v1beta2
kind: Pulp
  name: galaxy
  deployment_type: galaxy
  image: quay.io/pulp/galaxy
  image_version: 4.8.1
  image_web: quay.io/pulp/galaxy-web
  image_web_version: 4.8.1
      - https://galaxy.example.com     👈👈👈

Ah this is already answered on GitHub, sorry for my duplicated answer. Anyway I realize I forgot to update my guide, so I appreciate you posting this topic :smiley:

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